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29 March 2023

Atlanta Porsche
Experience Center

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Welcome to SEW Roadshow in Atlanta!

We are the living witness of the energy transition. The governments and the utilities around the globe are focusing on net-zero, energy accessibility, reliability, and affordability – and with it comes profound progression in the way people manage energy services. The SEW Digital Energy and Water Roadshow 2023, makes a stop at the Atlanta Porsche Experience Center to meet and discuss: innovations, technology trends, customer and field service innovations, and eMobility in a rapidly changing environment and the subjects encountered in energy transition space.

2023 Trends on Customer and Workforce Experience, Electrification, eMobility, Digital Innovations, and More!

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Event Agenda

Registration 9:15 AM
9:30 AM Coffee & Breakfast
Welcome Address from SEW

Setting the tone for the event by providing attendees with an overview of our goals and objectives and highlighting the key topics and themes that will be discussed throughout the event. SEW will also introduce the event’s keynote speakers and highlight their areas of expertise. And of course, a huge shoutout to our amazing sponsors!

  • Speakers
    Deepak Garg
    CEO & Founder, SEW
    Erin Christy
    President, SEW
  • Steve Dawson
    VP of Sales, SEW
10:00 AM
10:20 am
The Porsche Vision for Electrification and Clean Energy

A look into Porsche’s vision for clean energy and electrification, and its implications for utilities and energy providers. Discover how Porsche plans to reshape their industry and pave the way for a sustainable future. Learn about the innovative technologies and partnerships that Porsche is utilizing to support global sustainability agenda and drive change in the automotive and energy sectors.

  • Speakers
    Zabih Aria
    Director, Strategy and Digital Business, Porsche
Evolution of EVs and What We Need to Do to be Successful

Here we provide a roadmap for building a comprehensive eMobility program that includes customer experience, charging infrastructure, grid integration, driver experiences, and more. We will share best practices and key considerations for designing an effective eMobility program that can meet the evolving needs of customers, businesses, and communities. Join us to learn how to create a sustainable and impactful eMobility program that supports the transition to a low-carbon future.

  • Speakers
    Commissioner Tim Echols
    Vice-Chair, GA PSC, Founder, Clean Energy Roadshow
  • K.C. Boyce
    Vice President, Escalent
10:40 am
11:10 am Networking Break
Charging Ahead: Integrating Workforce Experiences for a Sustainable eMobility Future

In this session, we deep-dive into the intersection between eMobility and integrated workforce management to fuel an EV future. We will explore how utilities can leverage digital platforms and technologies to facilitate the advancement of EV charging infrastructure, accelerate the adoption of eMobility, while also ensuring workforce management keeps pace with the changing needs of the energy landscape and enhance field service operations. Join us to learn how to maximize the potential of your workforce to support the transition to a sustainable eMobility future.

  • Speakers
    Bob Champagne
    Customer Experience Innovation, SEW
  • Brad Baugh
    Director of Solutions Engineering, SEW
  • Allan Rakos
    EVP at 3Insys
11:20 pm
11:50 pm
The Power of Connected Customer Experiences

The session will focus on the critical role that energy and water utilities play in fostering meaningful customer connections through the power of digital platforms. The session will highlight how digital technology can provide end-to-end customer experiences that accelerate the energy transition. This insightful discussion will shed light on the importance of creating connected digital experiences to engage, educate and empower customers for a sustainable future.

  • Speakers
    Subash Sivakumaran
    North America - Head of Consulting and Business Development - Utilities Practice
  • Gulshan Oshan
    Region Head, VP Energy & Utilities, North America at Tech Mahindra
  • Bob Champagne
    VP – Customer Experience Innovation, SEW
Energy Efficiency Reimagined

This session will focus on repositioning the role of energy efficiency in achieving maximum net-zero impact. Attendees will explore innovative approaches to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices. The session will also highlight the importance of collaboration between stakeholders and citizens, and the role of technology in optimizing energy efficiency for a more sustainable future.

  • Speakers
    Brandi Hurst
    Marketing DSM Programs Manager, Alabama Power Company
12:15 pm
12:45 pm Lunch, Test Drive & Network
Rates Done Right

This session will focus on the role and impact of dynamic pricing in the utilities path to net zero, and the tools needed to make it happen. Attendees will explore various pricing models and strategies that can incentivize consumers to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable practices. The session will also highlight the importance of leveraging technology and data analytics to optimize dynamic pricing and drive the transition towards a more sustainable energy system.

  • Speakers
    Scott Engstrom
    VP Corporate Strategy & Business Development, GridX, Inc.
2:15 pm
2:40 pm
Fireside Chat: A New Vision for Customer Experience

As utilities embrace digital transformation, customer experience is becoming an increasingly important area of focus. This session will explore how digital technologies are reshaping the utility customer experience and raising the bar for customer expectations. We will discuss best practices and explore UGI’s customer story for delivering exceptional customer experiences in the digital age.

  • Speakers
    Thomas Lord
    VP & CIO, UGI Utilities, Inc.
  • Michael O' Donnell
    National VP, Utilities, SAP
Fireside Chat: Advancing the Customer Relationship & Insights from Behind the Meter

The session will explore how advanced segmentation and personalization techniques are revolutionizing the way utilities interact with their customers. Attendees will learn about the latest trends in customer segmentation and how they can use this information to personalize their communication strategies, increase customer satisfaction, and build stronger relationships with their customers. The session will also cover real-world case studies and best practices for leveraging advanced segmentation and personalization to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

  • Speakers
    Bob Champagne
    VP – Customer Experience Innovation, SEW
  • Nathan Shannon
    President & CEO, SECC
  • Jamie Wimberly
    Senior VP – Customer Strategy, E Source
3:10 pm
3:40 pm Networking Break
Taking Solar to the Next Level

In this session, we will explore the potential of immersive customer experiences to educate, engage, and empower citizens to embrace solar and other clean energy sources. Through case studies and expert insights, we will examine how innovative technologies can enhance customer engagement and understanding of sustainable energy solutions, driving adoption and impact at scale. Attendees will gain practical strategies for leveraging immersive experiences to create positive change in the energy sector and beyond.

  • Speakers
    Jade Anuszek
    Co-Founder, President, Contractor – Arkansas Solar Power Inc.
3:50 pm
4:20 pm
Wrapping Up

Closing notes from our CEO. A summary of the key points discussed and gratitude towards the attendees for participation and enthusiasm.

  • Speakers
    Deepak Garg
    CEO & Founder, SEW
Get Together & Dinner 4:30 pm

Meet our Featured Speakers

Michael O'Donnell
National Vice President, Utilities
Thomas Lord
UGI Utilities, Inc.
Brandi Hurst
Marketing DSM Programs Manager
Alabama Power Company
Jade Anuszek
Co-Founder, President, Contractor
Arkansas Solar Power Inc.
Zabih Aria
Director, Strategy and Digital Business
Nathan Shannon
President & CEO
Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC)​
Subash Sivakumaran
Vice President - Energy & Utilities North America
Tech Mahindra
K.C. Boyce
Vice President
Scott Engstrom
V.P. Corporate Strategy & Business Development
GridX, Inc.
Jamie Wimberly
Senior VP – Customer Strategy
E Source
Commissioner Tim Echols
Vice-Chair, GA PSC
Founder, Clean Energy Roadshow
Allan Rakos
Erin Christy
President, SMB
Steve Dawson
Brad Adamske
VP - Sales North America
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